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 In the year 1929, Reverent Fr. Gabriel svd (Society of the Divine Word) ventured into a new mission territory called Yokote. Yokote city is a small city situated in the southern part of Akita district in Japan. Fr. Gabriel svd, at first rented a small cabin near Yokote railway station and soon began his mission work. He built a Catholic church near his residence. Then, in the year 1930, he began a nursery school (Maria Hoikuen) for children of Yokote.  Later, in the year 1937, the new presbytery, the church, and the nursery ​ were constructed near Kotobukicho region. From then on, the legacy of Fr. Gabriel svd lives on, and the mission continues until this day. 

 At present, there are about 46 children in the nursery receiving catholic care and education. The church also is thriving and the faithful continue to receive spiritual care for their day to day lives.

 The doors of the church are open twenty-four seven for all. You are welcome to make a visit any time you like. 

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 The highest purpose and goal of our life is union with God in Heaven. Therefore, let our intentions throughout the day be guided by this truth. In all things lets' be sure to stay on the path which leads to Heaven. Lets' not become too deeply interested in the passing desires and brief enjoyments of this earthly life.

 God has given us everything that we are and everything we have. All things come to us from God, the Supreme Good. Whatever comes, lets' accept it, enjoy it, as God wishes and as much as God wishes.

 If we think only of satisfying ourselves, without considering God's approval, our mind becomes confused and our will becomes weak. Mistakes and sins will rob us of peace on earth and of unending happiness in heaven. In all things, therefore, lets' keep our eyes on God.

 Happy are those who desire only what God wants, trying steadily to do God's will. Such people do not let themselves become completely absorbed by their daily activities. They frequently offer their activities to God. They see the brevity of human contentment on earth.

 Lets' examine our motives in our daily words and actions. And find out how we may please God more, and avoid everything which may draw us away from God.

 LETS' THINK! We were created for eternal happiness with God in Heaven. Everything else must take second place in our lives because if we lose Heaven, we will be losing everything. The sure guide to heaven is God's holy will. If we follow it in our daily lives, every moment on earth will be a sure step toward the perfect happiness which our heart craves. 

 AND LETS' PRAY! Our God and loving Father, grant us the wisdom to think, speak, and act each day as You want us to. May we never be such fools as to disagree with Your Supreme goodness and wisdom. Nothing on earth can bring us any lasting happiness. Therefore, let us never sin for the sake of anything. We want to live for the perfect happiness for which You created us. AMEN!


 If we direct our desires according to God's will, we would learn many a holy lesson from our daily lives. Nothing is so small and unimportant that it does not, in some way, reflect God's wisdom and goodness. When we have become as good and unselfish as we should be, we will find it easy to understand the deeper meaning of the events in our daily lives. An unselfish heart sees much more than what appears on the surface.

 God created Heaven and earth for the service of us. God even appointed angels to help us. In fact, God is continually serving and helping us. If we live as God desires, then one day we shall share the perfect happiness and bliss, and union with HIM in Heaven.

 What are we doing in return for HIS numberless favors? We should serve God every single day of our lives. Yet, we fail to give unselfish service even for one single day. God deserves all possible obedience, all possible honor, and eternal praise. To God, we owe each breath and second of life. Without HIS continued support, nothing could please us or help us. All assistance and relief is the work of HIS Holy Hand.

 LETS' THINK! If we ever wrote down a list of God's gifts to us, we would have to compose a book. Everything and everybody, whatever we mention, is a gift of God for a definite purpose. All things, not just some things, are in my life for God's good reasons. In one way or another, they are a means to help us earn the unending happiness and glory of Heaven. We must reject any person or thing that lead us away from this goal by sin. All things are to be used wisely, that is to help us live good lives and useful lives. By an intelligent use and control of life's daily needs and activities, we prove our sincere desire for God's eternal love and friendship in Heaven.

 AND LETS' PRAY! Our God, the good things that attract us on earth are only tiny reflections of your perfect attraction and goodness. Let them never turn our thoughts aside from you, the Perfect Good. We hope to turn away from anybody or anything which draws us away from You. The good things of this earth will pass away all too soon, but You will remain forever. We choose You now by a sincere daily battle against sin. Grant us the glorious favor of pleasing You on earth and loving You in Heaven. AMEN!





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